Graffitti Redux

A few weeks ago I was walking past a Wynwood pop-up shop inside the Intercontinental here in Miami on my way to the gym where my personal trainer holds court. I stepped in and had a conversation with the girl behind the counter and then offered her a challenge.

“If you can name the artists on my blog post Sunday Spin I will give you $10 per artist”, I provoked.

With eyes wide open my challenge was accepted and to my surprise I found myself dolling out sixty greenbacks before returning home. Claudia had fun and was most grateful as she was working unpaid for the day. Apparently it is not company policy to pay new employees for holidays. Ah Really? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, a clear and egregious violation of labor laws, and more than a little blasphemy on Martin Luther King’s day.

I have felt a little unsettled since posting Sunday Spin as I have been unsuccesful in identifying the artists on my own and so It is with relief and pleasure that I present again the photos I took of the six artists Claudia identified. You will find additional links (double click on the artist name) to more information about the artist should you be so inclined to learn more.

Ron English



Eduardo Kobra



Joshua Santos Rivera works under pseudonym Bik Ismo



Interesni Kazki a pseudonym for Alesksei Borysov, Vladimir Manzhos



Mathew Curran



Retna and El Mac



This is the kind of stuff you miss while driving your car….

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