Finding Inspiration

I received a reminder to renew my Training Peaks membership last night. With little deliberation I paid my $119 for the right to develop training plans, record my results and analyze performance.

There is just one small problem. I have not ridden my bicycle since last summer. I have not ridden in earnest since 2014. My fitness, as entered into Training Peaks, is weak and my force of will is tepid at best. Inspirational start, well no. To make matters worse, I fear that I am spending money based on my hope to ride, my intentions if you will.

I cannot help but be inspired by the ridiculous climbs and high speed descents while nestled comfortably in my sofa watching the Tour. At points last week I even felt the thrill of descending while the breaks and peloton rode serpentine along the fall lines. Seeing Froome decidedly drop the lead group and pedal “like a man possessed” in that crazy top tube position was like honey for the soul.

I have no delusions of grandeur.

It is time to get on the bike and ride.