Sunday Spin

There are things you miss when you are focused on a goal, like a slow Sunday morning. This Sunday, I eased into the day and let it spin away freely. A little coffee, a bit of grocery shopping, a dash of the Vuelta and a couple of chores left me with two hours to get in a ride.  Saturday’s three hour group ride was hard enough and left the legs a bit heavy so I decided to forgo the Big Gear training until Monday.

After a quick hour ride on South Beach I found myself waiting for the bridge on the Venetian. The cars started lining up like cows to the slaughter. While waiting, I exchange some light conversation with a young couple riding up on their rental beach cruisers. The bridge descends and we roll over it while maintaining the conversation. Eventually the conversation leads to directions to Star Island. “Ahhh…that would mean you would need to ride on the MacArthur”, I mumbled.

The MacArther Causeway is a racetrack filled with lunatic motorists. I never ride my bike on this deathtrap of roadway and I begin to imagine two tourists pedaling along the causeway and envision the potential for horrific outcomes. “Hey….you wannah see something really cool? I shout loud enough for the gentleman to hear. “There is some great graffiti in the Wynwood district, it is worth the trip”. They agreed to take the detour and so we went.

Soon we were entering Overtown. Now I ride through Overtown 3-4 times a week and have become accustomed to its very urbane character. Abandoned buildings with broken windows, chain link fences surrounding unused littered lots and poorly maintained welfare housing are the visual cues that cause some folks concern. I recognize that this may be somewhat uncomfortable for my new riding companions and so comment, “This area gets a bit sketchy but no one will bother you, we will be fine…Honestly”.

We continue to meander through the streets and back alleys north of 20th street as the finger pointing begins and the shouts of excitement get more frequent while Wynwood slowly reveals its secrets.

This one goes 3-D as the paint goes down the wall and towards you on the side walk.


Cartoons are always fun.




I keep trying to figure this one out, let me know if you can.


Few things inspire a man more than a naked woman and a hot car.


This one is particulary disturbing.




This one is my Favorite, it’s huge, detailed and says everything.


Simon and Pilar introduce themselves and thank me for the experience. I lead them back to the Venetian and we said our goodbyes. It was obvious to me that they both enjoyed themselves on our little detour and truthfully so did I. If I was taking the day’s ride seriously I would have never spent the time with these folks and it would not have been as pleasant.

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