I found cycling as a means of transportation back in 1981. The summer between my freshman and sophmore year I was sans voiture and short on cash. Four hundred dollars bought a black Peugeot that I rode 6 days a week to two jobs while logging 240 miles a week. All those miles in the saddle lead to dreams of triathalons in the days of Dave Scott. I completed the Sri Chimnoy Triathalon in 1984 but found the time necessary to train for three events more than a little excessive.

I just loved the bike and the limitless adventures it provided. Turning to bike racing as my next obssession, I studied the teachings of Eddy B. in his book titled, Bicycle Road Racing and performed well in Time Trials and Criteriums at the lowest levels of the sport in a time that it was difficult to find a race, any race in America. On a Sunday training ride I crashed hard landing on my face. Unlike the hardmen of the professional peleton, I vowed I would never ride again.

In 2008, 23 years after the crash, I dusted off my old Ciocc Mockba 80 and began riding again. Here in lies stories of new adventures from a much older man.


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